Panda’s Library: Reading Like A Gillmore

Hello, lovelies!

Welcome to Panda’s Corner! We hope your Monday is off to a fabulous start! We’ve been anxiously awaiting this day for awhile and now that it’s here we’ve been sitting staring between the screen and our notebooks wondering where to start.

So what did we do? We shopped!

Post 1a

These pretties from The Trendy Sparrow should hopefully be here by the end of the week.

Then this morning while sipping coffee and staring at the blank screen once again, we finally picked our first post.

Here at Panda’s Corner, we love to read, in the rare spare time we have that is. Around here, the only way that anything gets accomplished is by making lists, and what to read next is no exception. However, our list may have gotten slightly out of hand. Presently, the “To-Read” list has 424 titles on it ranging from ambitious reads such as The Illiad and Gone With the Wind to more enjoyable reads like Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun, and Be Your Own Person  and the entire Gossip Girl series. This idea spawned from a list that has been circling the Internet for a number of years now called The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. Seeing as Gilmore Girls has been one of my favorite shows since her freshman year of high school, it was a must to check it out. enhanced-19872-1395369679-22

The character of Rory Gilmore reminded me to always make time to read for fun, As a freshman in high school I practically only got to read what I wanted for two months of the year for the night eight years of my life and even then there was always something else I wanted to be doing. It was not until my senior year of college that I finally started to have time to read again, at that point there was already a massive mental list of every book I wanted to get my hands on.

Here at Panda’s Corner we plan to share what we have been reading by reviewing books as we read them. Currently I am working through the Gossip Girl series but while you wait for me to finish that, I have a couple reviews done for other books that we will add to the library.

Not into reading?  No worries, love! Tune in tomorrow for a feature post on our office that my husband, D, installed last Thursday. The last piece to make the decor complete will be arriving in the mail at any moment!

Stick around, you’re gonna love us!



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