The Decorating Panda: The Office Space

Hello lovelies,

Today we want to show you our office space that as of yesterday afternoon is finally finished after daydreaming about it for almost a year now. When D and I moved into our first house last year from our first apartment, some things changed. I was excited to finally be allowed to not only paint my walls but to also hang things on them. I was also excited to upgrade our furniture to nicer quality items instead of the mismatched assortment that we each brought into the apartment upon deciding to move in together. Overall I longed for a more cohesive design and now I feel I’m finally getting that.  Below is the initial before and after photo of the office before I took over decorating. Top is the new set up bottom is old.  13344774_10102004680112157_1552226122191684314_n

D custom build the floating shelf for the wall and it allows me to hide his ugly speaker set underneath. I still need to make a little room to shove his tower more underneath the new one, I do miss how the L did that. But who cares about his side, its mine that we want to focus on.


Please ignore the baby monitor trying to hide behind the picture frame and the atrocious looking World of Warcraft mouse, D found it on sale one day shopping alone and I was getting sick of my wireless mouse’s battery constantly dying. Let’s break this apart piece by piece shall we? Yes, you guessed it, we’re showing you exactly where to get our style! Let’s go from left to right.


We have our She Drinks More Coffee Than a Gilmore Tumbler from The Trendy Sparrow and as you already know we are adding a What Would Blair Waldorf Do? Tumbler, also from the Trendy Sparrow, always have to say hydrated. Behind it is one of my wedding photos,because its always good to have something in your work space to make you smile. Why is it not a picture of M? Because shes usually in the room with me so I can look down at her and smile anytime I want. I got this picture frame at Target, but it’s 3 years old so I found a more updated model for you all. and of course Post-Its and a to-d0 list.

Moving to the center:


We have the idea and inspiration area. Here you see our Bloggers Gonna Blog journal from the Trendy Sparrow and a beautiful Marble Print Notebook from Paper Source. Bellow it is a Mint and Gold notebook from Paper Source from last year that has since been updated to a newer model that sadly does not resemble this at all. However they do still sell planners in this pattern.

Finally, to the right we have:


Our Block Calendar from Paper Source and our newest addition is the Make, Craft, Create, Art Coffee Cup from the Trendy Sparrow which as you can see we are using as a pencil holder. This sweet little cup replaced a Mickey Mouse pencil holder than I got on my first trip to Disney World in 1997. Yes, I kept it for nostalgia purposes and for M one day if she wants it but it was refreshing to get it off my work space and adult it up a bit.

Now meet Mystic

Mystic is D and I’s first “child that loves snoozing on the desk while I work. Yes, she’s a bit spoiled.

So there you have it. Our perfect work space! I hope you enjoyed shopping our style and perusing The Trendy Sparrow and Paper Source site and finding pieces that suit all of your personal styles.

Up next, come into out kitchen! We’re sharing one our favorite recipes!



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