The Traveling Panda: Yearning for a Vacation

Hello lovelies!

As we posted yesterday on our Instagram Page it is past time for a weekend getaway! The past two planes I have been on were for a purpose, my sister’s bridal shower and my sister’s wedding. While both were good trips, I would not call either a vacation. Vacations are hard to come by and get rather expensive for D and I seeing as we have two dogs that we have to find someone t0 watch or have them boarded at the vet. Therefore, we mostly do day trips to Chicago, the suburbs, Madison, Milwaukee or somewhere in between. M is spending a few days with her grandparents over 4th of July weekend, and D and I are planning a day trip to New Glarus Brewery here in Southern Wisconsin. It’s something we’ve both wanted to do since discovering New Glarus when we moved to Wisconsin over a year ago but we never thought it was a day trip we should take with M.

While all these day trips are nice, it is not ridding me of my urge to travel, I long for a few nights away from home, no dogs hogging my bed, staying in a nice hotel, seeing new sites, or old ones that I miss such as the sites residing in my favorite city, New York. (Pardon the bad photography in this post, I have not been to the city since 2009 and I have learned so much about taking good pictures since then)4395_86560259263_5757368_n

I am not quite sure when my obsession with this city began, but shows such as Sex and the City, How I Met Your MotherGlee, and, of course, Gossip Girl have not helped it at all.

Last time I was in the city, it was with my mother, aunt, and uncle. We all arrived with our own list of what sites we wanted to see and had to do some serious compromising as we only had eight hours in the city. I want to return with D because our lists of what to do are fairly similar. First off, I want to spend more than eight hours in the city that never sleeps, I want a minimum of two days. I want to go back to Times Square,4395_86559954263_6394278_n

I want to cross seeing a Broadway show off my bucket list, I want to go back up to the top of the Empire State Building and try to get better pictures, I want to see the new World Trade Center finished, it was a construction zone my last trip . I want to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, 4395_86560144263_7100550_n

I want to see Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment from Sex and the City, go to the Upper East Side and sit atop the Met steps, not higher than Blair Waldorf of course.

As you can tell I want to do a lot of things. The full New York experience. the dream New York experience.

Sadly, it will not be seeing this beautiful city this year. Maybe next spring D and I can make some form of a vacation happen outside of Northern Illinois or Southern Wisconsin,

So here I’ll stay, binge watching city shows. Until next time,



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