The Decorating Panda: Our Guest Bath

Hello lovelies,

Hope everyone is having a pleasant Thursday and hanging onto the fact that tomorrow is finally Friday, known here as Orange is the New Black day, but that is a story for tomorrow.

Today I want to talk about my guest bathroom, yes a bathroom. When we first moved into our house in April of 2015 the guest bathroom was completely white. As you can see in the above picture, there are white fixtures in the room, now imaging white walls as well. It was a white overload! It took me awhile to figure out what to do with this room and it was low on my priorities, the main living space was top. Around Christmastime I finally started to think about this room. I wanted it to be bright and fun, because while it was a guest bathroom, it would eventually become M’s bathroom as well. The only thing is I did not want it to be decorated as a typical “kids bathroom” Lucky for me, one of my best friends is an interior designer in Chicago. I sent her pictures and a video of the room and asked for suggestions. What was it? Pick a bright color and then come back to me for suggestions on accent colors.

My sister then bought a house and painted her laundry closet blue and it clicked! The bathroom would be blue! We bought paint and spent one evening getting it done, sent it to my friend and she said use gold.ad480d67-95dd-46bd-ab34-48c5612fd492

Then I found the Be You Tiful picture at Kirkland’s and everything began to fall into place. The little glass on the edge is one of the two pack of Gold Confetti Tumblers from Paper Source, essentially a low ball glass that I deemed perfect for my bathroom. c471e476-fca2-4081-9a2f-592a279056b1

Thks shower curtain was actually left by the previous owners and I instantly loved it more than the pink one I had brought with me from college 4 years ago. So we washed it and kept it.

Bathrooms do not have to be boring and all about the business. There are many ways to make the room bright and fun. Do not be scared just go for it! Trust me a part of me was terrified watching this blue go up on my walls but I absolutely love how it came together.

Until next time!



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