Panda’s Entertainment: Orange is the New Black

Hello lovelies,

It is finally here! The Netflix event of the summer for the 4th year! Orange is the New Black: Season 4 hit Netflix at midnight and here at Panda’s Corner we are trying to keep busy until 5. I am testing my good wife abilities by waiting for D to get home before I begin watching. If it would have been up to me and I had no responsibilities, I would’ve stayed up until midnight last night and let the binging ensue then.

Alas, watching M requires sleep so I am being as patient as I can be please no spoilers for all of you lucky ones that have began the season all ready. I will revisit this topic once we are done with  Season 4 and we can all discuss.

Not into Orange is the New Black? No worries, Grey’s Anatomy: Season 12 hits Netflix on Saturday and we will also be devouring that as well

We hope everyone has a great weekend filled with whatever sounds fun to you For us? A healthy dose of Netflix, enjoying the awesome weather and of course celebrating D on Sunday for Father’s Day. Do not forget to spoil the men in your life this weekend, they do work hard!




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