Panda’s Entertainment: Grey’s Anatomy Season 12

Hello lovelies,

First off, happy first day of summer! Here in southern Wisconsin it has been feeling like summer for quite some time now, it seems we skipped spring this year. We also hope that everyone had a terrific weekend and got the privilege of spoiling the fathers or father figures in your lives. We spoiled D by frying him up bacon for breakfast and then got him pizza and Heineken for lunch and he is still enjoying his 2 computer screen setup.

Last week, we were all hyped over the Netflix release of season 4 of Orange is the New Black but Netflix gave us a double whammy over the weekend by releasing the latest season of Grey’s Anatomy the next day! Despite the fact that only 13 episodes of Orange get release each year I must admit that for me, Grey’s was more important.

I must admit that I have not always been a Grey’s fan, infact, back in high school I hated it. Everyone loved it everyone was always talking about it, and I got stuck taking a health occupations class with a bunch of healthcare bound students taught by the school nurse when I had no interest in healthcare, and said nurse was very pushy and said everyone should go into healthcare, therefore I boycotted medical shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and even Scrubs just because I heard enough about it all everyday. When I met D he forced my out of my aversion for Scrubs and I now love it and then after left my job that I really got into the show. I watched, texting my best friend as I fell in love with Derek, hated Derek, hated Addison, loved Addison, hated Bailey. loved Bailey, and so on and so forth with almost every character! You all know what I mean.

The past few years however the show has been disappointing me, between Cristina leaving, Derek dying and now the highly feministic approach that Season 12 has taken thus far, I’m only on episode 1o! Now do not get me wrong, I’m all about girl power if you have yet to figure that out about me, however I think Grey’s is trying to hard to make it the focal theme. Yes, Meridith is a very strong woman and always has been, so why now does she need to talk about a woman’s voice being meeker than a man’s? Why does Pierce, a brilliant and strong woman need to feel threatened by Riggs getting hired into her department? The hospital is mostly run by women, we as an audience know this, why do they feel the need to keep pointing it out in the dialogue? I love Grey’s  I really do but lately I feel the need to watch up to where Cristina left and then start over from the beginning again.

Alas, I must know what happens next to I will continue watching until it ends or gets canceled because there are things I have to know that I cannot say without possibly spoiling things.

Until next time you’ll find me on my couch watching Grey’s,



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