The Fashionable Panda: Summer Essentials

Hello lovelies,

We do not know about where you are from but here in Southern Wisconsin summer is in full swing, and it is only day two! Not only do we have to find ways to beat the heat in terms of rotating between outdoors and air conditioning as well as keeping hydrated.

I was born in southern Mississippi and grew up in Southern Illinois, some may say that beating the heat should be in my blood. I do not feel this is true, I despise summer. Everyone is all hot, sweaty and disgusting and it is so humid out.

Through this terrible heat my goal is finding loose thin tops to help survive. I am not a fan of dresses, even though I wish I was so tank tops and loose tops a are my saving grace. As any girl does, I have a few go tos.

This is a top I picked up last year at Buckle, I love how the back is different but by the end of summer you have interesting tan lines.

I just picked up this tank from Nordstrom last week and its more traditional f05104c5-f62c-448e-9c95-b0573a4e7d28

Lastly, I wanted to share with you lovelies a few super cute T-Shirts I picked up from The Trendy Sparrow recently. fed30a1e-2247-4dc3-9c3d-5747373ce527

Both of them run big so the bottom hits lower than your waistline. which is great this time of year. Get Your Chic On had me in a bubbly and fabulous mood and singing old school hip hop for days and the Blair Waldorf made me wishing I had a Dorota to help me concur the world with D, my Chuck Bass, by my side.

How do you all beat the heat?



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