The Fashionable Panda: Gold Dot Trend

Hello Lovelies,

Happy Monday! Well, okay, we are not excited that it is Monday either, but we are happy to to back with you all for another week of Panda’s Corner, And next weekend is 4th of July so that is something to get us through this week. Here for the fourth D and I are child free. M’s grandma lives six hours away and therefore does not always get to see M, so in the summer she takes a week off work and M takes a vacation to her house. It is great for D and I because we get a weekend to be adults and go do something for us which is very important for us as a couple. We are not just parents! I get a few weekdays in the house to do stuff that I can normally just get done on nap time. I am looking forward to a few days off being a full time mommy.

Today, we wanted to discuss the newest trend that we are obsessed with. Polka dots! Specifically, gold polka dots on a white background. Kate Spade currently has a lot of items with gold dots and I want them all! Alas, D would never go for it, the downside of living with a man, but that does not mean I’m out of it all together. I still was able to get a notebook, mousepad, and notecards, in this pattern, I just cannot get any of the high ball/low ball glasses, but that is for two reasons, mostly the fact that my cabinets do not have room for any more!

What trends are you all rocking this summer?



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