Panda’s Entertainment: Orange is the New Black: Season 4 Overview

Hello lovelies,

We finished the latest season of Orange is the New Black sometime last week and to sum it up in one word: Wow. In my opinion this is the best season since the first! Before you go any farther i want to warn anyone that has  not seen up to the 4th season finale that there will be SPOILERS below. There it is said and in all caps so please do not complain in the comments about spoilers.

We return to Litchfield being as we left it, Vause is trapped in the greenhouse with Aydin and the rest of the inmates are running through the hole in the fence to the lake. Quickly in the first episode of the season the guards bring all the prisoners inside and Whitehill kills Aydin to save Vause. Vause, Whitehill and gardener Berlin cut up Aydin’s body and bury it in the garden.

Throughout the season the major theme was the Black Lives Matter movement and seeing how minorities are lost in the prison system as well as Burset spending almost the entire season in the SHUE much to her wife’s protesting to Caputo to let her out.

Litchfield was bought by the MCC at the end of season 3 which in my opinion made Caputo more of a figurehead in the prison instead of the warden. All of the inmates like and trust him and they all experience him having no control to help them as he has in the past. The new CO’s the MCC brings in are also on power trips and partake in putting the inmates through cruel and unusual punishment such as making them stand on tables for days on end and fighting each other.

In the penultimate episode of the season, Burset finally gets released from the SHUE and comes back into Litchfield but is a changed person and has some adjusting to do. Actress Laverne Cox  recently opened up about Sophia’s hell through season 4 in an interview.  Finally, a  peaceful protest for better treatment leads to the death of a fan favorite inmate, Poussey Washington. CO Baylee accidentally suffocates her when the COs try to break up the protest in the cafeteria and get the inmates back to their bunks. Actress Samira Wiley has also spoken out about the season’s most shocking scene in an interview. She knew the whole season about Poussey’s death and had to keep it a secret from her fellow cast members until right before the final scripts went out!

As always, we are already excited for next June and hoping for things to improve at Litchfield for the inmates and Caputo.

What are your thoughts on the season? Sound off in the comments below! And do not forget to check us out on both Facebook and Instagram, you will find links on the bottom of every page!





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