Panda On Weddings: The Wedding Box

Hello lovelies,

As you know we have done several wedding posts from asking bridesmaids all the way to the actual wedding. Now let us turn attention to after the wedding. You have all these little momentos you want to keep but don’t know where or how. Solution: get a memory box!

My wedding box is just a photo box. It looked small at first but would up being perfect size for everything I wanted to save.img_3008
Now,  we will dig into the contents to give you ideas of things you may want to save.

My maid of honors speech – she printed it out and put it on the cardstock herself knowing I would want to save it.

The coloring book we made for kids attending the reception

Our Instagram hashtag cards

The signs for out chairs that doubled their use for a thank you photo.

All of our RSVPs to remember who all came, because, of course, not everyone signed the guestbook

Our table “numbers”.  Each table at our reception had one of these song titles on it to act as a number for dinner. The DJ played each of these songs and that was how tables knew it was their turn to go get food. My aunt loved this. Her song was played first and she said that was the first time she has ever gotten food first.

And finally cards!

I also have a copy of our programs, save the dates and invitations.

If you have a wedding box or shadow box already what is in it? We would love to know!



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