The Traveling Panda: New Glarus Brewery

Hello lovelies!

We hope all of you had an amazing 4th of July weekend Ours was filled with friends, local bars, watching fireworks from 5 different towns while driving home and perfectly watching from my recliner in my living room. Yes, I applaud my city for their firework location.

M went to her grandma’s Friday and is coming back Thursday so it was nice over the weekend to get to do adult things and I am immensely enjoying having the house to myself today. I am however thrilled to have her come home, I do miss my little M.

Anyway, Saturday D and I drove out to New Glarus, Wisconsin to tour the New Glarus Brewery, a beer we have become addicted to since crossing the border. We drove though the gorgeous Wisconsin countryside and D kept mentioning moving out there, always changing his mind when I told him to look at his cell service and then he went further and added Internet would be slow and trust me, that’s not something he can handle. but it was pretty enough to get some car pictures 13612362_10102049380661897_2371704730178067609_nAnd I would not might driving back just to get lost in the view.

Overall, I hate to say I was slightly disappointed in  the self guided tour that was offered. I was expecting to be outside and there be signs everywhere explaining things, instead we were just behind the gift shop in two hallways with closed rooms with equipment and there were no signs or anything explaining what we were looking at. The gift shop and outdoor area was pretty cool. We spent too much money in the gift shop but yet I want to go back. We got 2 New Glarus coasters to replace some in our home and I would love to drive back out and get more, now is that worth an hour drive? Overall, we had a great day together just the two of us something that is rare, afterwards we drove an hour and a half to downtown Rockford and met some friends for dinner and drinks on the docks of the Rock River.  Overall, it was a very successful day.


We picked up this awesome cheese board in the gift shop that I think we are going to hang in our house instead of using it as a cheese board.



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