The Everyday Panda: The Girl Boss Target Haul

Hello lovelies,

We hope you had an amazing weekend

Today we want to share with you a Target haul from last week that we are still oohing and ahhing over. If you follow us on Instagram you may have heard us brag about it all ready but now we want to dive deeper with links and also tell you how to price match if you have never done it before.

First things first, here are all of our goodies! 006997db-bef6-421a-9b3f-a0895f1334edNow I will be linking everything to Amazon as they have the lowest prices on these.

First we picked up both of Meghan Trainor’s CD’s for our six hour car trip last Friday. Title and Thank You. Having listened to them both several times I personally like Title more but b0th are great!

Next, we found two of The Trendy Sparrow’s Boss Babe Book Club Selections 60f301b9-b874-4b10-a1f0-684b791a09dd

GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso and Year of Yes by Shonda Rimes Year of Yes is being released in Paperback and the end of October for a little cheaper if you can wait that long.

And finally, we picked up July’s Marie Claire855fb1e3-a1d9-4ca0-af47-bd4d77a2529f

No fancy price match was done with this item.

Speaking of price match? Have some of you never done it? Always thought it was for crazy penny pinchers? So did I. This time it was totally worth it! I saved over $10!

At Target, when you check out you take your price match items to customer service and tell them where you found the item cheaper and they pull up the site for verification and match each item. It takes a bit longer but when you’re talking savings in the double digits it is worth it. Did I mention you still get the 5% off for using Redcard too!?



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