Panda’s Entertainment: Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Discussion

Hello lovelies,

As you know we spent some time last month binging season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy when Netflix released the full season. Now that it has been out for almost a month it is time to discuss. Incase you have not finished season 12 do not continue reading! Here is your official spoilers warning!

Season 12 is, as expected from Shonda Rhimes, a whirlwind of emotions, from Meredith being attacked by a patient and losing her hearing for a period, to Ben performing a C-Section during a code pink and being severely punished for it, to April’s pregnancy and not so perfect delivery, and of course, the custody battle between Callie and Arizona over Sophia and Penny, the doctor that worked at the hospital that “killed” Derek with inexperience showing up at Meredith’s house with Callie and then started working at Grey Sloan.

Why not start there? I was on the edge of my seat feeling for Meredith that entire episode! Waiting for her to tell Alex or Amelia and wishing Maggie would stop with her UTI worries and be there for Mer and notice something was  wrong!  Then she just says she killed Derek at dinner after they all fell in love with Penny! Poor Penny had no clue what she was walking into. She had no clue that Callie knew Meredith or Derek, or worked at the same hospital as them, and no matter how hard she tried she could not bring herself to tell Callie that she was there that night and that she should not be in Meredith’s house!

Okay, now who else thinks Miranda punished Ben too harshly, he was in the zone during the Code Pink! He was losing a patient, focused on his surgery and all he had to do, he did not notice the elevator open! The committee that Miranda set up even agreed on that fact! So why bar him from the ER for 6 months ruining their personal relationship too? Personally I think Miranda was on a power trip and let the power get the best of her. But thankfully Ben was able to redeem himself in her eyes by delivering April’s baby during Amelia and Owen’s wedding on Meredith’s rug and dining room table.

The custody battle between Callie and Arizona was heartbreaking, and having a background in social services, I honestly do not know how Arizona won. Given how the trial played out, all of the juvenile custody judges I know would have awarded Callie custody, but that almost does not even matter because the two eventually worked out something themselves after it was all over. And who else is devastated that Sara Ramirez is leaving us! I actually hated Callie when she was first introduced way back when as George’s lover and wife but grew to love her as she grew.

I also believe that Meredith’s accident time was slightly drug out. I get the severity of her injuries but the whole thing seems like it could have been cut in half. But speaking of Mer, who else kind of likes her and Nathan? Yes, he is no Derek, and no one ever will be but Mer is a young attractive woman that deserves to have someone, and her kids need a male role model. Some could argue that Owen, Alex, and Richard and male role models for the kids, but I feel they need to see someone loving their mother as more than a friend to show them how love and relationships are suppose to be when they get older.

What did you all think of Season 12? Anxiously awaiting Season 13? Sound off below!



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