Panda’s Kitchen: The Perfect Burger

Hello lovelies,

I love Burgers! It is my absolute favorite food! Mostly because it is an item that can be so simple yet so unique and two are never the exact same! It all depends on the build.

The perfect burger. such a loaded term. Is there such a thing? Many people, chefs, and restaurants claim they have it. If any restaurant has it, I haven’t been there yet. I’ve had good burgers yes, but not the perfect burger.

Last year I came across this image on The Food Network’s Instagram Page and I have not been able to stop thinking of it. img_1918

I started thinking of Illinois, the state I grew up on, and tried to think of a burger and toppings that celebrate it, I got nowhere. Then I thought of Wisconsin, my new state and thought tons of different cheeses, beer buns, beer battered onion rings with a nice cold one to wash it down.

To me that sounds like the perfect burger. To me that sounds like a burger worthy of Marshall’s perfect burger speech  from How I Met Your Mother. I want a burger that will make me believe in the “burgasm” and not just think it a fantasy.

Over the past year I have made several damn good burgers. I think my favorite recipe comes from an episode of Alton Brown’s Good Eats titled ‘A Grind is a Terrible thing to Waste’ He recommends only seasoning the meat with salt, dividing it into five ounce patties and cooking for 5 minutes each side for medium rare. I personally like my burgers medium well so I do it between 6 and 6:30 per side. Cooking times vary based on your stove so you have to play with it and be prepared to fail before you hit perfection.

As for building my burger, I start with Hampton Creek Just Mayo Garlic Flavor, (Can be found in most stores. Here it is at both Target and Wal Mart next to regular Mayo) on the top and bottom bun, D is allergic to eggs so vegan Mayo is a staple in our home, then I lay the burger on the bottom bun with my melted Havarti cheese on top. I top that with tomato and pickles then add ketchup and dijon mustard to the mayo on the top bun and Viola!

So let’s talk burgers! What’s your perfect burger? Have you had it yet?





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