Panda’s Library: The Current To-Read List

Hello lovelies,

We apologize for our absence this week, I have been feeling under the weather and uninspired. Today is the first day this week that I have felt like myself. With this burst of energy today, I also realized how far behind I am in my current reading list. The books are stacking up high as you can see. 146c42a5-1607-4f59-a3e4-690bee5e74c1

I am shamelessly trying to finish the Gossip Girl book series, so I can do a compare and contrast post to the television series, I probably could write this already but I cannot leave a series unfinished like this especially when I’m already four and a half books in. Next I have my Boss Babe books to get through which I am thinking will be quick easy reads all preparing for my version of the holy grail – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play script gets released on July 31st and Amazon Prime is suppose to have it at my door by August 3rd. Now years ago, when I was back in high school finishing the series, I would be at Wal Mart at midnight for it, but alas, that was 9 years ago and its not like I’m going to be done with this pile even by the 3rd anway. When I’m doing well I’ve been getting through a Gossip Girl book in a day and a half, however for the past week or so I have found the television shows D watches in the evening interesting and we have been going out randomly for Pokemon.

Next time on Panda’s Library I’ll be discussing the Gossip Girl book series as a whole. Hopefully within the next week or so.



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