The Everyday Panda: Dreaming of Fall

Hello lovelies,

Here in Southern Wisconsin it is hot, hot, hot! It is almost too hot to walk to the mailbox without feeling as if you need a shower when you get back inside. Miserable heat like this has me longing for my favorite time of year. Fall.

There are so many wonderful things about fall, if you can forget the impending winter that follows. My favorite time of years includes vibrant colors, warm sweaters, hot drinks to keep you warm and toast, and all the pumpkins! Fall is also a good time for sports, you have both the World Series and the start of football! 431764_10100386512707607_258460255_n8e20eef6-0230-43b3-ac0b-7cf3ef89cfde

There is Halloween, scary movies, Thanksgiving and then gearing up for Christmas.

It is a time of year filled with so much joy for my family. M and D love Halloween, D for the scary movies, and M for the costumes, I love the food of Thanksgiving and we all have a love of Christmas. We also have a big surprise for everyone coming this fall, stay tuned to find out all about it!



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