Panda’s Entertainment: Gilmore Girls A Year In the Life: An In Depth Discussion

Hello lovelies,

Life here has been insane but we felt we had to make a big return for the big event of GIlmore Girls A Year in the Life! Now based on the title of this post I feel like I should not need a spoiler disclaimer but here it is anyway.

SPOILERS AHEAD! If you have yet to watch the mini series in its entirety and do not wish to know what happens do not continue reading.

Now that that’s taken care of,

I have now watched A Year in the Life twice. Once just to watch and take it all in and then a second time with a notebook jotting down thoughts, and 6 pages later I finished. 6 hours of footage, 6 pages, seemed right. Anyway, I want tohad wkt start by saying I overall loved the revival. All the good memories I had with the show came flooding back and I felt at home with the Gilmore Girls again. I love how they got the cheesy “It feels like years since we’ve been together” moment done and out of the way early unlike Fuller House that had way to many nods back to the original show. I love how Rory suddenly got no signal in Stars Hollow when this never seemed to be as prominent of an issue in the original show. I thought it was being set up the Luke’s would have the best signal around but alas, it was Doose’s.

Who didn’t shed a tear at the “I smell snow” line before the town troubadour taking us to the Gilmore house for the first time? I sure did!

We first see Luke in the Gilmore kitchen which I think was not right I wanted to see him at Luke’s but at least this meant Luke and Lorelai were still together, and thus ensues the first of many food battles of the show.  Luke versus the girls, tacos, tater tots and mini donuts while he’s trying to cook for them. Some things never change.

Next, we meet Paul, Rory’s supposed boyfriend of two years whom she or anyone else can seem to remember. Luke cannot even remember his name, Rory forgot he was coming over, and Lorelai does not seem to remember ever meeting him, but he remembers them and conversations they have had. I hated this character throughout the whole show even though the first episode is the only time viewers ever saw him. It seemed so out of character to have a boyfriend she cannot remember, forgets she has plans with and at one point in a later episode forgets to break up with. If you really do not have time for the man or are that uninterested in him, cut him lose!

On to our first look at the Dragonfly which has not changed at all except for one missing staff member. Sookie. Melissa McCarthy’s limited screen time in this special is explained away by stating Sookie and Jackson moved away each character only appearing in one scene each throughout the entirety of the show  and their three or, maybe more by now were never mentioned or seen on screen. This is where we are introduced to one of Lorelai’s current struggles, one that she will keep throughout the remainder of the special, finding Sookie’s replacement – a very daunting task. This lead me to question how she got big name chefs to work at a little inn in Connecticut, Roy Choi, Anthony Bourdain, Ina Garten, and Rachel Ray are ones listed throughout.

Somehow after all of these years and much to Gypsy’s disapproval, Lorelai still has her Jeep and it seems to be a few steps beyond its last leg. However, this gives Kirk the opportunity to give Lorelai an Ooober drive to Emily’s for dinner giving us the hilarious scene of Kirk’s car breaking down at Emily’s and staying for dinner.

We also meet Berta, the one maid that may actually deserve to be fired but Emily doesn’t, I didn’t realize this until Summer maybe but Berta is played by Rose Abdoo who we all know and love as Gypsy! How cool is that!

Who else did not almost cry at the sight of Richard’s oversized photo. RIP Edward Hermann, you were very much missed throughout this entire special. The funeral brought tears to my eyes and my husband walked through the room and repeated the words “oh no” throughout the entire scene on the patio of Richard stories, from the beginning of the scene where Lorelai is passed out on the couch all the way through her inappropriate story – Thank god she brings us to tears in Fall with her real story.

I cannot decide if the whole Luke not understanding surrogacy bit is funny or pathetic. It was funny at first but then I thought more and Luke is a smart man, why are they making him out to be this way and carry it out through the whole show! Yes, it was funny the first time, not too many after. The surrogacy clinic also brings back Paris, and all I could think is ‘why is Paris running a surrogacy service when she had so much potential in other aspects of the medical field?’ Why did she chose this route?

We then get my personal favorite man back, Logan! Why is he with Rory? What about Paul? Why are they in London? What happened to San Francisco? all of which are questions that either get answered later or go unanswered but it looks as though they are together which made me very happy. I assumed Rory was casually dating Logan and Paul because she was not yet ready to commit to Logan being in London, but I had my hopes crushed come Spring where we learned Logan is engaged,  yes engaged, to an heiress named Oddette whom we never really see, and is cheating on her with Rory. No matter how Team Logan I am,this is not the way I wanted to see Rory and Logan back together.

We find Emily in the Gilmore home in a T-shirt and jeans, yes you read that right, decluttering the home of things that no longer bring her joy, which is quite a bit of stuff. Lorelai convinces her than she may want to talk to a grief counselor to help her through the loss of Richard and before she knows it Emily calls her asking to attend a session and even though Luke tried many times to make her say no she agrees and then has the shocking realization that she is “going to therapy with my mother!” These first sessions are quite funny in watching Lorelai and Emily sit in silence neither willing to go first, and the therapist sitting there awkwardly through the silence. We also learn of a mysterious letter that Lorelai supposedly wrote Emily and does not remember that Emily found hurtful. I wonder if this got confused with the letter Richard’s mother, Lorelai, wrote seeing as we never heard another word about the letter again.

Rory and Paris get invited back to Chilton for an alumni day and Headmaster Charleston is still afraid of Paris after all these years. Rory’s talk with the students was very well thought and composed compared to Paris’ and I wish she would take Charleston up on the offer to have a position waiting if she would get her  Master’s Degree. Paris freaking out over seeing Tristan was a little silly, her and Doyle are a match made in heaven and it’s silly that they are apart in the first place. However, I wish Tristan would have had more screen time or even a line over bringing Francie in, but I suppose this is because Chad Michael Murray did not return and Emily Bergl did. However, I feel it was pointless to show Tristan at all without giving him a speaking line. Jason Stiles had lines in Winter after all.

What was the big deal about the stairs in Paris and Doyle’s place besides the amount? Were they steep? Why would a New York nanny care so much about stairs, none of this bit made sense to me.

Rory and Lorelai spend some mother-daughter time in New York City where Rory is working on an expose on people that stand in lines.Throughout this segment, Mae Whitman who many of us know as Lauren Graham’s other television daughter from Parenthood makes an appearance. By the end of the day Lorelai is tired and returns to the hotel early, which she obviously should not of because Rory ends up having a one night stand with a guy dressed as a Wookie. Rory admits this was her first one night stand and also tells Lorelai about the whole Logan situation and is shocked that Lorelai did not already know about them.

Spring ends with Rory going into an interview for a website that has been after her for a year. However, she goes in completely unprepared with no pitches as if it was all just a formality and they were going to have her sign papers then and there! No surprise, she did not get the job and she finally gets rid of her 3 phones and decides to move back in with Lorelai and Luke.

Summer was by far my least favorite episode, thanks in large part to the musical, there are so many other things the writers could have wrapped up instead of making us sit through that. The last song was the only necessary one. Despite this some important things still happened in this episode.

Rory finally starts to feel like the other woman and is not happy with herself. She learns the Stars Hollow Gazette is shutting down and makes Taylor give her the job as editor. Jess comes to visit her at work on his way to see Luke and they have a good talk with Jess once again setting her on the right path by telling her to write a book about her and Lorelai and their life. She tells Lorelai about it and Lorelai is completely against the idea. Rory then keeps calling Logan out of habit because she’s upset about Lorelai’s reaction, Logan wants to be there for her and help out but Rory reminds him of Odette and that he cannot be that guy for Rory while he is with Odette. Rory finally decides to end it with Logan which breaks my heart but not as much as their final scene in Fall does.

Lorelai has been worrying over the fact that Michel wants to leave the Dragonfly for awhile and he finally confirms this fear while out for a drink with her at the Secret Bar, which its hilarious how they hide it from Taylor, Luke and Lorelai finally have a fight that we all knew was coming and then Lorelai gets the wake up call she’s been waiting for through a musical number  and decides shes going to California to do Wild, the book not the movie because there is a difference. We leave this episode wondering if Luke and Lorelai are calling it quits after all these years.

As Fall opens we find Lorelai preparing for Wild, with hilarious scenes of her trying to fit everything necessary, our leading lady has never been outdoorsy. She befriends some fellow women on the same journey and they bond over boxed wine. We get two more Parenthood appearances in the form of Jason Riter and Peter Krause as the Park Rangers. Lorelai packs her permit to do the hike by accident and ends up driving to a diner for some coffee. The diner is closed but she finds a trail and takes it to a breathtaking view. It seems this view was all she needed, she dials Emily and tells her the most heart wrenching story that is her best memory of Richard that I am sure brought tears to more eyes than just mine. She returns home to find Luke in the kitchen with Paul Anka preparing dinner, she begins to attempt to have a conversation with him and he goes on about how much he does not want to lose her and how he sees the signs that they are heading for a breakup, she then surprises him by saying that she thinks they should get married – FINALLY!!!! He goes into the living room and gets the ring that I am assuming he gave her back in the original series and that is that.

Throughout Lorelai’s Wild  experience, Rory begins to receive weird messages around town and eventually finds three men in gorilla masks outside the Stars Hollow Gazette one night, none other than Collin, Finn, Robert and then out of the shadows comes their ringleader, Logan. I cannot express how big of a smile came across my face when I saw the three boys and an even bigger smile when Logan appeared in Stars Hollow for a Life and Death Brigade rendezvous. They embark on an amazing musical montage through Stars Hollow’s streets and eventually to a tango bar before ending the night at a bed and breakfast in New Hampshire.While there, Logan offers Rory a Huntzburger home in Maine for her to do her writing. She eventually declines telling him she has a place in mind. They spend the night together and when she asks him the next morning when he has to get back I was so incredibly hopeful that he was telling her that he was not going back or that she was going with him but alas. They said their final goodbye and that is the last we see of Logan. Rory leaves the bed and breakfast and has a voicemail from Emily stating that Rory is welcome to stay at her house, that she is not there anyway. She is in Nantucket with her new boyfriend, Berta, and family. Rory goes to the Gilmore home where a series of flashbacks of memories in the home begin. When they opened the door to the study as we saw Richard I swear I choked up and gasped like I had just seen a ghost all at once. It was so fitting for Rory to want to write her book in Richard’s study, I am very pleased with that turn of events.

Back at the Gilmore-Danes home, Luke and Lorelai are deep into wedding preparations and none other than Miss Celine is dressing them! I knew Alex Borstein was coming back for the revival but had assumed she would be involved in Richard’s funeral so this was a pleasant surprise! We learn Jess is Luke’s best man and Rory is, of course, the maid of honor. It was really nice in this revival to see how far Luke and Jess have come from Season 2 barely being able to stand one another to being able to talk man to man often and Jess being his best man.

I felt the scene in Doose’s with Rory and Dean seemed a little forced and I am not sure why. It was good to see him and know what he is up to with his wife and ton of kids but when they started talking about the book and how Rory would portray him, I did not like how Rory gushed everything out how he was practically the best boyfriend ever, I wish that part had not been included.

The wedding in itself was absolutely magical, I love how they decided to elope and have the moment just them, I almost did that myself, what I hated about it was they let Rory come with them and called Lane and Michel but not Jess, it really bothered me that they did not include him!

And last but certainly not least, the final four words! Finally, after all of these years! Okay, so I did not like how it was ended given the time jump. If this would have happened eight years ago at the end of Season 7 I would have been fine with it, Rory just graduating college pregnant playing who is the daddy, or maybe not because she and Logan were more commited back then, nonetheless it would have been more fitting then. Now I feel other fans like myself wanted closer not a cliffhanger. Lauren Graham even mentioned in her newest memoir Talking as Fast as I Can  how shocked she was that the ending was a cliffhanger, not just once either, at least five times. I wonder if another Gilmore thing is in the works. Graham also stated in this book that she did not know about the revival until the writers had been given the green light from Netflix to make it. This gives me hope that it is not over. If there are more episodes I still hope Logan steps up, leaves Odette and is there for Rory and his child, if it is his. I know they alluded to the fact that Roty is not even going to tell Logan about the pregnancy by her talk with Christopher and that there is now speculation that Logan is her Christopher and Jess will be her Luke, I am not okay with this. I do not dislike Jess or anything, but I do not want the circle to continue where Rory just follows Lorelai’s life. I firmly believe Logan and Rory are great together and would love to see them raise a child together. I do want her and Jess to stay good friends however, I feel he does make her life better. Alas, that is just my opinion.

Speaking of opinions what did everyone else think?! We would love to know so sound off in the comments!



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