Panda’s Library: Talking As Fast I Can

Hello lovelies,

We hope everyone’s week has been going smoothly, we are almost to the weekend!

Today we are talking about the last book we read in 2016. Lauren Graham’s Talking As Fast As I Can. It is a memoir about Graham’s life, entering Hollywood, getting her start on Gilmore Girls, moving on to Parenthood, writing Someday, Someday , Maybe and getting the chance to go back to Gilmore Girls for the revival.

This book, while a quick read, is delightfully colorful, it’s like sitting down one on one with Graham for an interview. Her memories of the main run of Gilmore Girls are delightful and her daily thoughts on how it felt to be back on set as Lorelai Gilmore for the revival. I found it very interesting how Graham states she did not know about Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life until after Dan and Amy Palladino received the green light from Netflix. I also loved how many times Graham commented on how the final four words was a giant cliffhanger, both of these things together left the fangirl in me with hope for more episodes one day.

Overall this is a fantastic quick read for any fan of Graham and of course, Gilmore Girls, I would recommend watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life before reading this however, as Graham does discuss the plotline.

Grab your cozy blanket and coffee in your favorite cup and curl up for an afternoon with Lauren Graham!



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