The Everyday Panda: The Hospital Bag

Hello lovelies,

What a week it has been and it is only Wednesday morning!

Monday D and I went to an OB check in the morning and learned our would be this Sunday, February 12 instead of in two weeks and then yesterday I had another ultrasound requested by my doctor to back him up on his decision. So our little man will be making his grand arrival this weekend! As exciting as that is, it has also altered all of my plans for the next two weeks.

One thing that I do not have to worry about this week is my hospital bag for the little man and myself. D urged me to get it done this past weekend and for that I am relieved.

When we had M, I just used her diaper bag and I found it was not big enough for all of the things you bring home from the hospital, excess diapers, gifts, and so on. This time I am using a weekend bag that I got last year to take to my sister’s bridal shower weekend. unnamed-1I hope the size of this works better, but only time will tell.

Now onto what is inside!

Little Man of course does not need much, as the hospital provides most of the needed items for baby, but knowing he will be born at 37 weeks as M was, I know that the clothing provided at the hospital did not fit her well so I am bringing some preemie sleepers with us

in total we have:

  • Three preemie sleepers
  • One Valentine’s Day shirt (we will still be in the hospital for Valentine’s Day)
  • Take home outfit (I just have to cross my fingers that he sort of fits it)
  • Burp cloths (my hospital gave us thin wash cloths as burp cloths with M and it was not working for me)

For me:

  • Comfortable sweatpants
  • A few T Shirts
  • Sweatshirt
  • Hair brush
  • Dry shampoo (I hate the hospital shower)
  • Shoes to walk around the room
  • Make-up bag (in case anyone besides grandparents ask to visit)
  • Phone charger
  • Camera (we bring our DSLR for a few shots in the delivery room and when we get him in the mom and baby room, then my husband will take it home and I use my phone)
  • Book (just incase I actually get bored its nice to have, especially since D is not staying overnight this time)
  • Chapstick

And that’s that! Hopefully enough to help be and the little man survive in the hospital for 4 days!




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