Panda’s Entertainment: Parenthood Series Overview

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Something you all should know about me is I am behind on seeing many television shows. I did not start Gilmore Girls until 2006,  How I Met Your Mother until 2011, Grey’s Anatomy until 2013, Gossip Girl until 2016, and then Parenthood until 2017. While I did miss out on all the initial hype, and talk I did not have to wait months between seasons, thanks to DVDs and Netflix.

I binged Parenthood over the course of several weeks after having attempted the show several times before – I had watched the Pilot three of four times and even continued on to the second or third episode and just never really got into it. This time however, I just powered through it.

So what did I think? Overall, I am glad I finally saw it, if only for the finale. Yes, the finale. To me it was the highlight of the whole show, more specifically the final scene was the best. Zeek Braverman lived for his family and for his request of his ashes to be spread on a baseball field and his family playing one last game on him was poetic and I shed a few tears. Throughout most of the series I felt Zeek stuck his nose into his children’s business way to often and that I would hate it if one of my parents did that, he did always mean well and want the best for his children and family.

I spent most of this show wondering if families like the Braverman’s actually exist.unnamed

It does not seem realistic to me for a family that size to all get along and want to spend time with one another. Who was the black sheep of the four main children? Sarah? Yet she’s Zeek’s favorite. Crosby? He gets his life together quick when Jasmine comes back with Jabbar. Adam and Julia are seemingly perfect in the pilot then go through hardships throughout the series. The characters are too perfect!

Let’s dive into these characters a little more. Zeek spends too much time worrying about the kids and their problems and neglects Camille which is why she leaves him for a period and travels to Italy for a class. If he would have spent more time with her needs none of that would have happened.

Now, moving on to my least favorite character, Kristina. Throughout the majority of the series I felt Kristina was a whiny child. She could not handle not getting her way or Max getting his way. She let every bad behavior or bad decision made by Max slide due to his Asberger’s and even blamed others for his behaviors. While I am fully aware that advocating for a mentally disabled child is difficult, he needed to have some accountability for his actions if Kristina ever planned on letting him go to college or ever have hopes of him living on his own. I honestly was hoping the writers were going to kill her off when she had cancer, Adam as a single father and the family rallying to help support him would have been an awesome story line. However, Kristina survives and has an annoying empowered attitude, more than she normally has, and winds up deciding to run for mayor even though she was completely unqualified. Yes she worked on campaigns but that does not mean that she can successfully do the job. Then deciding to open a charter school out of fear that Max will be held accountable in high school was pathetic. When Max’s history teacher sent him to the library when he disrupted mainstream class, the teacher was completely in the right. Max needed to learn proper etiquette for a classroom or he should have been in a special education classroom to learn those skills. Kristina was against special education because Max did have the grades for mainstream but he needed help in the social aspect, Kristina failed to teach him those skills and got offended when anyone tried.

Overall, I feel she was the main reason I did not like the show, especially in the later seasons too many story lines had her as a the focal point.

We want to hear from you! If you are a fan of Parenthood tell us why. Give us a new perspective to view the show from, especially if you are a fan that hates Kristina and did not let her ruin the show for you. Sound off in the comments below!




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