Panda On Weddings: The Engagement 

Hello lovelies,

We have a very special post for you today on the very exciting engagement period! This post comes to you on the 5 year anniversary of D proposing during my final spring break of college. Flipping through dress magazines and searching wedding inspiration on Pinterest is what got me through the final six weeks of that last semester.

Technically the engagement starts after a person says “yes” to a wedding proposal and ends on the wedding day but I feel there is a honeymoon phase to the engagement when the idea of being engaged is fresh and new and it still feels slightly odd to be wearing the ring.

There are some things that do need to be handled shortly after the engagement happens that you should not overlook.

  1. Announcing the engagement. In today’s world with social media this is an easy step however do not forget to call, or text if it is what you do, family members or friends that you wish to find out before it hits social media.Enjoy this part! Enjoy the attention and all of the congratulations! You deserve it and need to get use to the attention being on you!
  2. Begin to sit down and make a entry level guest list. This helps you  get at least a basic idea of what to expect when you start looking at venues. It is very important to involve both sets of parents in this phase!  I have seen people say they want a small wedding of less that 100 and made their list and began telling venues their number and then after they told their parents how many people they planned on inviting their parents informed them how many people they had forgotten and their wedding went from 90 guests to 300.
  3. Begin brainstorming on who you would like to stand by you as maid of honor/best man and bridesmaids/groomsmen. Do this based on your own feelings! Do not keep adding members because you feel obligated. Trust me, it is better to have 3 or 4 girls that you are really happy with than 6 or more that cause you stress. I wish I would have had a smaller wedding. However, if you choose to not pick someone that you feel you maybe should have picked at least have the courtesy to tell them, I have also been there where a friend did not pick me as a bridesmaid when I thought I would for sure be picked and she never gave me an explanation and it was very hurtful. I have a good idea of why she overlooked me but would appreciate hearing it from her.
  4. Enjoy the experience and splurge on clothing or accessories that say “Bride” or “Groom” I was gifted a white zip up fleece jacket that reads “Bride” across the back as an engagement gift and 5 years later it is still one of my favorite jackets.
  5. Enjoy every detail of planning your special day from picking out your dress to the bridesmaid dresses, flowers, food tastings, cake tastings. This is an experience that only happens once and should be treasured.

And do not forget to take time to look at your ring 1, 3 or 5 years later and admire it. Your man picked it for a reason.img_3944.jpg



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