The Decorating Panda: L’s Room

Hello lovelies,

Today we are going to discuss something I should have showcased before L was born, his room. Lets face it, the room has not been in as perfect of condition since we brought him home and started  using the room, no matter how hard I try.

We picked a medium light blue for the walls, I hate the pastel baby blue and honestly wanted closer to a royal blue but D felt that was too dark, so we compromised and I love it! It looks great with our black crib and changing table and also great with the grey rocking chair my mom got me for Christmas. Past picking the color of the walls I let D do the rest of the room and two days later he came home with sports decal stickers and pull chains for his ceiling fan. Before L’s arrival the room was our guest room that we had not touched yet decor wise since moving in and the previous owners had birdhouse pull chains up on the fan and D felt we had to change them. I was proud of him. After the room was done I found this adorable little night light that fit the room perfectly and is very useful for night feedings when I do not want to light up the room too much. 

What are some of your favorite little boy themes for their rooms?



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