Panda’s Entertainment: 13 Reasons Why

Hello lovelies,

We hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather of spring! Here in Southern Wisconsin we have been experiencing a lot of rain lately, which has led us into re watching Grey’s Anatomy for the who knows what number of times, my husband to watch Iron Fist, and for me to find and binge the topic of today: Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why.

This is a new series to Netflix that was realeased on March 31st, if you feel that this show can be ruined or spoiled, given the fate of the main character is clearly stated in the Netflix description, I advise you to stop reading and come back after you have finished the series.

At first I went into this expecting it to be a whiny teen drama series, vaguely recalling reading the book by Jay Asher when it came out 10 years ago. but not being completely sure. The story seemed like one I had heard or read before but I have read a lot of books in my time therefore this book is now in the to-read list. This show however, is far from the whiny teen drama I was expecting. It is a very moving and heart wrenching portrayal of how a very pretty girl can be an outsider even when she is in the center of all of the high school action.

Hannah Baker is friends with the jocks and cheerleaders but is painfully aware of the fact that none of them truly care for her and in discovering this, she pushes away the only person that does care, leaving her to feel completely alone and like there is no way out.

Throughout the show we see Hannah slut shamed after having her first kiss, it is rumored she had sex with the boy instead of just a kiss, she was  placed on a hot or not list stating she has the best ass making her feel even more self conscious, and believed to be easy by all of the boys. She almost experiences losing her virginity to a guy that does love her but she fears that he is like all of the other boys in school and stops the interaction while it is in process and yells at him to leave her alone. He abides by her wish and does just that. Not to long after, she is raped by a boy from her school. After the rape, Hannah begins recording tapes, in these tapes she records the thirteen reasons that led her to the decision to kill herself. The thirteen reasons are people, the assortment of fake friends from her high school that either grew apart from her or took away a piece of her dignity in one way or another, to the boy that does not deserve to be listed as a reason but she felt she wronged him, to the boy that raped her, and finally that school guidance counselor that could not give her the answers she needed to hear the morning of the day she died.

After talking to the guidance counselor, Hannah leaves school early, drops off the thirteen tapes off at a friends house telling him to listen to them and to pass them on to the thirteen people mentioned in the tapes, if a person breaks the chain of passing the tapes on to all thirteen people, this person is supposed to go public with the tapes to let the whole world know why Hannah killed herself, leading us to believe that maybe she wanted them public to begin with, why else would reason thirteen be the guidance counselor who is required by law to report the rapist reason twelve to the police.

We begin the pilot after Hannah is dead, and reason eleven, Clay Jensen is listening to the tapes. As Clay is listening we see flashbacks of the events on the tapes as they happened to Hannah as well as present day content where Clay interacts with classmates and the other twelve reasons.

The show is executed perfectly wit just enough back and forth between the past and present and leaves you wondering what the last straw was for Hannah. I was also really excited for Kate Walsh and Keiko Angena, and only wished they had bigger roles. I also wanted to see a trial since it was talked about the whole season and we only saw depositions in the finale. I hope Netflix brings it back for a second season to expand on the story even though the book ended here as well.

Has anyone else become captivated by this series? Share your thoughts in the comments below!



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