Panda’s Entertainment: Girlboss

Hello lovelies,

We just finished Netflix’s new original series Girlboss and we LOVE it! As most of you probably already know it is based off Sophia Amoruso’s #Girlboss and shows how she started Nasty Gal.

The series shows her down and out and figuring out that she wanted to start an eBay site “flipping clothes instead of houses” after she gets fired from a job selling shoes.

We see Sophia start the eBay site, become wildly successful there and then get kicked off of eBay after fellow vintage sellers turn on her thus leading her to launch her own site.

This series flew by having 13 thirty-ish minute episodes and we finished it in roughly 24 hours start to finish, of course caring for kids, dogs and spending time with D factor into that. Over all we give the show a 9/10 mainly because the episodes were too short and there was a couple story lines that I felt were slightly pointless and felt we could have seen way more of Nasty Gal than we did.

We have our fingers crossed tightly for a Season 2!



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