Panda’s Entertainment: Orange is the New Black: Season 5 Overview

Hello lovelies,

Seems crazy that another season of Orange is the New Black has come and gone already but alas, it is time to dive into 3 days at Litchfield for a prison riot! That’s right Orange Season 5 spans only 3 days of life in the prison and it covers the immediate impact of Poussey’s death at the end of Season 4.

Piper Chapman, who has been our main character through the majority of this show takes a step out of the spotlight this season with Alex trying to keep her out of the riot and letting Taystee step into more of a lead role. Taystee and Poussey were very good friends so it makes sense for her character to be at the forefront this season.

Taystee’s main goal of the riot is justice for Poussey and having CO Bailey fired and jailed for killing her. However, all of the inmates in Litchfield do not have the same goals with others more concerned about things that directly affect them such as better healthcare for inmates, access to free tampons, and for some, hot Cheetos and Takis. Orange is the New Black is good at making the audience see past the basic fact that these women are prisoners. I don’t get free tampons from being a good person who has managed to stay out of prison, why should they get them for free. They should have to work in the prison and get paid to buy tampons just like the rest of us.

Caputo’s ex girlfriend Linda from MCC is also trapped inside the prison during the riot. She starts off befriending Piper and Alex and they help disguise her as an inmate to survive the riot. She eventually gets noticed by Boo who takes her under her wing as her new girlfriend. Sadly, once the riot ends, Boo turns on her while she tries to tell the SWAT guys that she works for MCC prompting all of the inmates to say they too work for MCC ruining her credibility. In my opinion, Caputo should have said something while the men were clearing out the prison. He knew she was in there, he saw her.

At the end of the riot they were 10 inmates short, 8 of them were in the old pool hiding out until it was over, which SWAT took as plotting against them and got the go ahead to apprehend them by any means necessary, killing the second most hated CO Piscatella in the process, good riddance. However, Doggett and Chang both escaped so will Season 6 have a manhunt for them? Moreso, all the prisoners were split up and sent to different prisons saying none will be allowed in Litchfield again, so how will Season 6 be structured or are we getting new inmates again. Sadly, we all get to wait till next June to find out. Orange is the New Black has already been renewed through Season 7 so we still have more to the story. Will we see Piper get out of jail or will the riot extend her sentence, even though she tried really hard to stay out of it. Will she and Alex get their happy ending? Or will they all get lost in the prison system and become repeat offenders? We’ll find out next year.



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