The Everyday Panda: Adjusting To Being a Family of Four 

Hello lovelies,

L is three and a half weeks old and D is in his second week back at work which means I’m in my second week of having both kids by myself through the day and it has certainly been an adjustment. As I anticipated when I was pregnant, the hardest part is being up with L throughout the night and then M getting up normally the next day. I am typically able to power through the sleep deprivation aside from one middle of the night feeding where it seems like I can never keep my eyes open.

L is going 2-3 hours between feedings and I cannot wait for the gap to get bigger. The longer he can sleep at once the easier things will get. But how can you be upset with this little man?


In other news, D got a new job at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and his last day at his current job is Friday. While this is an exciting opportunity it is also nerve wrecking to be taking on this much with a newborn. Where D use to have a 30 minute commute across the border into Illinois, he will now have an hour commute to Madison which means less time at home with the family. While I am not looking forward to less time with him I am looking forward to eventually moving our family to the Madison area.

While major changes have happened and continue to happen, I believe all of these changes are what is right for our family and I cannot wait to see how it all plays out.

I guess it is time to start getting M to say “Go Badgers!”



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